Welcome to Hill's Creek, Texas, where the townsfolk like their secrets 
the same way they like their steaks . . . big and juicy. 
But don't you worry none. 'Round here, nobody's secrets stay buried for long. 

About the Book
Until his socialite sister took a swan dive out her penthouse window, FBI Agent Jonah White’s life had been fairly simple: track down bad guys and slap a pair of silver bracelets on them. Nursing a guilty conscience gnawing at his heart, he heads to Hill's Creek, Texas to investigate the one woman who just might be connected to his sister's death. Falling in love with her, a possible accomplice to murder, was never part of the plan. 

Recently widowed Maya Savantes is barely keeping her head above water. With a precocious five-year-old to raise, and a growing pile of debt to wade through, she doesn’t have time for a romp through the sheets with a mysterious stranger – no matter how sexy he is. But when her husband's trigger-happy loan shark comes looking to collect on old debts, Jonah might be the only one who can protect her. 

REDEMPTION FOR LIARS finalled in the 2014 National Excellence for Romantic Fiction Award in both the Romantic Suspense category and the Best First Book category.

Available in both ebook and print.