Friday, January 2, 2015

Chicken Enchilada Soup

Here's a tasty soup that easy enough for even me to make.

1 small can black beans - drained and rinsed
1 can diced green chiles
1 can stewed or diced tomatoes
1/2 package frozen or canned corn (with or without juice, if canned)
Frozen chicken breasts or tenderloins
1 small can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 small can green enchilada sauce
1 1/2 cup milk

Crushed tortilla chips
shredded cheese
sour cream

Get out your crockpot and put in a crockpot liner, if you have one. Dump the first 4 ingredients into the bottom of the crockpot. Lay frozen chicken breasts on top of the mix. In a small bowl, whisk together the cream of chicken soup and the enchilada sauce. Slowly whisk in milk. Pour over the chicken. Cover and cook 6-8 hours. In the last half hour, shred the chicken and stir the soup. Return to cooking. When done, top with toppings of your choice.

This recipe is super simple, even for a non-cooker like me. And I pretty much always have these ingredients on hand. Gotta love a recipe where you basically open a can and dump it in a pot to cook. Total prep time on my part is about 15 minutes combined. The crockpot does all the hard work. I recently served this meal to house guests of ours, and despite not being a big fan of chicken, they both loved it.

Two Guy's Menu

Two Guy's Diner boasts of some oddly named dinner combos. Did you catch their names? If not, don't worry none, here's a little refresher for you.

The Heart Attack Combo
Steak - cooked medium rare
Baked Potato with sour cream and chives
Side of your choice
Freshly baked bread with butter and honey

The Stroke Combo
Fried Chicken
Baked Beans
Mashed Potatoes slathered in gravy
Mac & Cheese 

Jonah's Specialty - made only for one special lady
Omelet with bell pepper and sausage

Monterey Chicken Sandwich 
Grilled Chicken breast topped with diced chiles and served on a bun
Comes with a side of crispy fries